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Our Journey

From Kitchen Experiment to Customer Favourite, Here's Our Herbal Hope Story!

Herbs ‘n’ Hopes took its baby step when our founders stumbled upon the truth about everyday Hair, Face, and Body products. This eye-opening moment turned into our heartfelt “Mission : to bring affordable Ayurvedic and Organic care to everyone”.

Inspired by a personal need, Rucha Rathi (Founder) created a natural Hair Oil, leading to foundation of “Bhagyashri Organics”.  Positive feedback prompted her to expand into other Ayurvedic products. With this we started our own manufacturing brand called Herbs ‘n’ Hopes. Join us on the journey to embrace the beauty of natural care.

Herbs ‘n’ Hopes is FDA approved manufacturer of plant base Ayurvedic Hair & Skin Care products. Which are 100% Natural,  Preservative free, Synthetic Fragrance & Color Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free.

“Believe in Mother Nature, Embrace Organic Product, Nurture With Herbs ‘n’ Hopes”
Mrs. Rucha Rathi


“We stand firm on the belief that, Pure organic extracts of plants & roots are ideal alternatives to Skin & Hair Care products”.

Our Philosophy

Nature’s Authenticity

We believe in using organic resources and natural ingredients to manufacture our range of products, and we stand by that very value; to provide better care.

Cultivation of Organic Mindset

We don’t just want to sell. We want to educate people about herbal products and how they are much better than any chemically made hair or skin care product.

Grow with Customer First Approach

We believe in customers; in fact it’s thanks to them we have grown so much, their input is our command and it always will be to manufacture products for their benefits.